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Most farmers rely on indigenous farming methods handed down from generation to generation.
How It Works
Jaguza uses a variety of information and communication technology (ICT) tools such as a website and Social Media.
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Jaguza Livestock Application

How it works

Jaguza uses a variety of information and communication technology (ICT) tools such as a website, Social Media, blog post, and SMS, USSD,Moibile and offline and online web application in addition to printed how-to guides. Monthly in-person exchanges between farmers and an annual knowledge fair also facilitate the flow of agricultural practices across ethnic groups and geographic regions. Jaguza's model allows farmers to easily pick up new farming methods that can diversify and improve their yields and productions.
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We provide absolutely free livestock information to the community, it's that simple. But why are we doing it for free? With focus on helping the community, we monitor and follow up on all the cases handled by various farmers from our expert. With the assistance of professional Vet Doctors, livestock farmers can easily acquire the best farming advice and assistance anytime anywhere. At JAGUZA we believe that some questions can be answered and directions can be given so easily.
Monitoring System
The simple interface maintains individual livestock records in real time, with information such as milking, medication, financial details, productivity only a click away.
USSD and SMS System
Jaguza Livestock uses a combination of the internet and mobile phones (SMS and USSD) to disseminate livestock marketing information and to also track their livestock to our knowledge base system.
Record Keeping System
At Afrosoft, we understand the importance of livestock record keeping when it comes to improving your value chain in both the long and short term.
GIS System
We use Geographical Information System (GIS) as a tool for any discipline which handles our data that can be connected with geographical locations, such as in country, regions, communities, or co-ordinates.
We simplify the life of the agriculturalists in a way that we digitalise all the works that they have at hand while using GPS systems.

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